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Things You Should Know and Questions You Should Ask


Fredericksburg Virginia Personal Injury Attorney with 28 Years Experience

Welcome to the home page of Fredericksburg personal injury lawyer John Harris!

  • I represent people.
  • I don't represent corporations.
  • I use my training and experience to help people.
  • I have a small firm but use all my resources to help people like you.
  • I am on your side.

What are his credentials?

  • Admitted to both the United States Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Virginia
  • Listed in the Best Lawyers in America continuously since 1999
  • AV Rated Attorney by Martindale-Hubble, which is a national lawyer rating system based on the opinions of fellow attorneys and judges
  • Although Virginia does not recognize the national certification, the National Board of Trial Advocacy has tested and certified John as a Civil Trial Advocate
  • Member of the panel of Arbitration Associates, a select group of lawyers and retired judges with expertise in evaluating and resolving legal claims

Will He Take My Case?

With his qualifications and degree of expertise, John ia very selective about the cases he takes. If John takes your case, he will help you obtain the best result regardless of whether it is a car accident case, a drunk driving accident, a truck accident, medical malpractice, or abuse or neglect in an assisted-care facility or in a nursing home facility. He has tried many cases concerning these specific types of claims over the years, so he has the trial experience to go to court and win. He is also an excellent negotiator, so if possible he will reach an out-of-court settlement that will save his client time as well as the expenses of trying a case in court.

Johnís office is in Fredericksburg, but he also takes cases in Spotsylvania, Caroline, King George, and Stafford Counties and anywhere else in Virginia when the need is great. If you need help or legal advice about a personal injury caused by anotherís negligence Ė from fractures and soft tissue injuries to the more serious injuries involving the brain or spinal cord Ė John has the legal experience and the medical knowledge to help you present your case strongly and effectively, whether to a claims adjuster or to a jury.

What can I expect from him?

With so many years of exclusive focus on personal injury cases, John has come to understand how such a loss often affects the whole family. If John takes your case, he is very hands-on and is only answerable to you and your family. Because of the degree of individualized attention he gives to each of his cases, John is careful in deciding which cases to take and he makes sure that each one is handled exactly as it should be with complete attention to detail and with the ultimate goal of maximizing the recovery for his client.

John Harris: A Lifetime Committed to Defending the Rights of Americans Like You

In 1965, John graduated from the United States Naval Academy and began a nine-year career as a pilot in the U.S. Navy. Throughout his naval career, John never lost sight of the fact that he was doing his part to protect and defend the precious rights everyday Americans enjoyed.

Today, John protects the rights of Americans on different battlefields Ė the courtrooms of civil law. Instead of bombs and bullets, the enemies he faces possess weapons that are just as powerful. Certain large corporations are gaining unprecedented influence on the very laws which were put in place to make sure that victims of their negligence could look to the courts for help. The fox is moving up to becoming supervisor of the chicken coop. Laws created to give ordinary, lawful people some measure of recourse against the unlawful and uncaring acts of powerful business interests are being swept aside in favor of laws that protect the self-interested goals of corporate America. These are changes that John Harris fights against on a daily basis on behalf of his clients and for all Americans.

In such times, itís essential for you to have an attorney with a proven belief in the rights of the injured to seek fair compensation through our court system, and one with the trial skills and experience to get results. In Virginia, for victims of personal injury, whether from medical malpractice, car or truck accidents, diving accident or neglect in nursing homes and assisted care facilities, John Harris is here to help.